Becoming Comfortable With Your Unique Personality type

Before posting the individual profiles, I want to explain some finer truisms to help you claim your unique (and wonderful) profile more quickly. You may still be trying to decide if you are more Thinking than Feeling since you do both (especially if you are a Thinking Female) and whether you are more Structured (Judging) than sPontaneous since you are comfortable with both (especially if you are Structured Intuitive).

As we encounter the events of a day, we unconsciously shift back and forth between gathering and deciding—meandering from facts/figures (S) and ideas and possibilities (N) to Heart Logic (F) or Head Logic (T). We also glide between being Structured to electing to be Spontaneous—all in a heart beat.

For Instance, ISFJs (true for all feelers) discover that making Head-Logic Thinking decisions offers protection even though disappointing or hurting someone leaves a cloud of guilt, which in the long-run turns out to be false guilt. We will discuss that in the future. By the same token, a very structured ENFJ with piled up writing dead lines will succumb to family-urging to Spontaneously jump in the car and go for ice-cream. So, you will discover that your behavior will often surprise yourself, as well as others who know you.

Often, Thinking by Head-Logic females who make Heart-Logic Feeling Decisions easily will question which preference is their predominant because of the ability of moving back and forth between the two preferences. This is normal remembering that females have been gifted with a dose of Feeling—Heart Logic, as Softhearted males have been given a dose of Head-Logic Decision making. Another comparison is that Feeling Heart-Logic women have to strive desperately to make Head-Logic decisions putting up with accompanying guilt until they accept that when a feeler feels a little bit mean and selfish, they are about right. Thinking Females rarely experience the guilt residue after making Head-Logic decisions unless someone points out their displeasure. “We hate to waste time making Feeling Decisions”, a Thinking Head-Logic Male assured me.

Understanding the individuality of each preference and when and where we access it contributes mightily to maintaining healthy relationships. This also provides inner understanding as well as humor as we continue our daily encounters.