(Becoming Comfortable)

Enjoy this super example of how a Spontaneous Intuitive single young lady is coming to terms regarding her personality-type. Being different from everyone in her immediate family she began to question whether she was normal.

“It's a comfort to know I'm not stuck in a box. I found it interesting that I was  the only spontaneous one among a group discussion and that it was completely normal for a spontaneous Intuitive person like me to let the dishes soak and take a nap even though I know I will have to rinse them and draw new hot water when I get around to washing them.

Did you know beside the fact I have limited space I only keep a few dishes because I know I will at times put off washing dishes until I'm out of something? Same with laundry. I will actually think I have nothing I want to wear. I have to remind myself that after I do laundry I will have clothing I like again.

However when I begin to feel less balanced emotionally I remember how much  structure relieves my anxieties.  It may just be that having regular meals at regular times helps my body to function. Also sleeping normal hours. One thing I do when I start feeling better about myself is to organize my clothing and papers and magazines and such. It's always a positive sign that it’s possible to access and benefit from my structured preference even though it’s one of my least favorite.

I absolutely detest more than anything else sorting paperwork. I dislike going through paperwork. Each piece of paper has ideas or needs or wants or just the decisions of keeping or tossing and then where to keep it.  Dusting runs a close second.

I like to cook when I'm in the mood but I don't like having to provide three meals a day for myself and surely not for dependents. I like to cook when I feel like it not out of necessity.

Although it would probably be helpful for me to eat at least two balanced meals a day. I had cookies and milk and then Mountain  Dew for breakfast at 11. Surely I can improve on this. Which brings me to this: I can write down plans left and right but have very little follow through unless it involves another person's schedule.  I do like my Personality-Temperament but know I it’s rather fun to learn about how to manage less-preferred preferences.  And it’s perfectly normal for my Personality-Type not to relish repetitive Sensing Structured pursuits.