Part 9 - Claiming Your Personality Type

Part 9 - Claiming Your Personality Type


Note your preference in each of the four categories listed below

Extroversion –People ~ Introversion-- Private

Sensing—---- Hands on ~ iNtuitive—---- Mind-on

Thinking-------Head Logic ~ Feeling ------- Heart-Logic

J Structured—Work done ~ sPontaneous-Work must be fun

The four letters indicate your personality-type: My Four letters are _______

In using the MBTI with hundreds, only one profile out of the 16 will appeal to you the most. Keep in mind that everyone assesses all the preferences at some time in varying degrees and that discovering that you rely at times on all the preferences means that you are normal. This truism comes as a relief to many. Finding out exactly who your are will be a feather in your cap!

I recently ran into a professional educator to whom I had given the MBTI 20 years ago. This person shared, “I keep my profile close at hand and read it often when I need a boost in who I really am as I adjust to a new personal situation.”

As you become more familiar with the four Type arenas, you’ll recognize when you are using a particular preference. That’s part of the fun of developing this skill. It’s much like learning a second language.

Accessing all the Preferences is like breathing, happening so naturally that one is hardly aware. It’s so easy, then, to embrace this communication tool and add it to your trusted reservoir. Soon, you will see detailed information for each temperament/type. Each Type carries a one-to three-word icon of its distinct impact on society in general. Also, each profile closes with a nugget thumbprint paragraph outlining how a community is benefited by that particular Temperament/type.

An added benefit: As a counselor and amateur flower gardener, I see similarities. I am intrigued with the unique contributions some flowers have besides their beauty and fragrance. All blend together in bouquets, gardens, bird feeders, foods, medicines, etc. We, too, are all placed in significant places with talents and abilities to share in God’s garden. It’s a delightful and beneficial endeavor to learn to blend who we are with the designs of others. The flower-mate names will tag along with the four letter identity.

Our two-fold goal is to discover who we are and who we are not and who others are and are not. Then, we will apply that understanding, knowledge and appreciation to the skill of communication and how to get along with everyone.