Wordless Messages

Meaningful Wordless Messages

To wrap up our dialogue about elements of communication: body language, tone and content  let’s review some obvious—well used wordless expressions which save many words and time. Send me some of your favorite nice expressions that I can add to my list.

Warm hand shake. “Hello, good friend”

Tears in the eyes.  “I’m sorry for your loss”

Wink from across the room.  “Good point that you made”

Infant arms reach out. “I want you, Grandma”

Nodding head. “Your gave a great speech, son”

Jumping up and down.  “Go, team, go”

Soft pat on the shoulder. “You’ll make it. Life will get easier”.

Embracing “Have a good semester, daughter. We’ll miss you”.

Smile across the room as nervous young pianist finishes first recital. “You did well; we’re proud of you.”

High five to a 5 year old. “We are so happy to see you little guy”.

Firm hand shake. “It’s been pleasant working with you. Enjoy your new home.”

Big bear hug with tears. ”Thank you for coming.”

Clapping. “We enjoyed your play”.

Nod of head. “That was a great catch”.

Pointing upward. “Sunrise; sunset; double rainbow; white geese flying low”

Expert interprets awesome sign language to the hearing impaired. “How amazing and helpful”

To drop-in visitors, young mother puts finger to lips. “Baby is sleeping”.

Short waves of the driver’s hand as you wait. “I see you, please go first.”

Bowed head before a meal out. “Thank you, Father, for this food”.

Thumbs up! “Way to go!”

Tapping on your watch. “Our time is up”.

Please let me know  If you have a suggestion for a topic regarding communication or getting along with or understanding someone. Next topic is Handling .Serious and Sharp Domestic disagreement using Understanding Temperament along with I statements.

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