Are We Ever Different! And That Is A Good Thing! Pt 3 - Understanding the Sensing Preference

Are We Ever Different! And That Is A Good Thing! Pt 3 - Understanding the Sensing Preference

Part 3:  Gathering Information:

Information gathering consists of Sensing (facts and figures) and Intuition (reasons, possibilities).  Our Sensory systems—what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell keep us stable in the conscious world. Conversely,  Intuition supplies abstract ideas and possibilities that are especially helpful in problem solving and design. For good balance, we need to embrace both Sensing and Intuitive abilities and learn to blend the information gathered from each. We accomplish that automatically but on an individual basis, one source is easier and more appealing to use, while the other requires a disciplined effort. Let’s see which one appeals to you the most.  Sensing people usually have less difficulty making the choice, so if you are not sure, wait until next week’s presentation of Intuition and you’ll be very sure.

Feet On The Ground

Seventy-five percent of the population strongly prefer Sensory information gathering. Their ‘observers are always on.’ They automatically pick up physical data. Cataloging physical facts, figures, dates and details comes naturally. Such people pride themselves on being accurate and exact and are perplexed when others forget the things they can remember so easily. They provide physical stability to our world.

To put it simply, the Sensing segment collect black and white facts, stack up facts, sleep on facts and rely on facts. They are very comfortable in the conscious world—the one that makes sense to them.

Those who prefer the Sensing Preference, are generally attracted to hands-on careers and involvements. Once they master a product, service, or technique, they enjoy repeating and polishing the process, which results in perfection, high production, and growth.

Their tolerance for repetition keeps them from being bored and gives them a healthy capacity for routine. They readily admit that they dislike changes of all kinds.

They earn tenure awards because they stick with jobs forever. They like to gather all the supplies for a project before they begin.  And what they are working on is what they are thinking about. That’s why they make fewer mistakes.

They pride themselves with their ability to use common sense and to follow directions. They plead for time to digest facts before pressing for decisions. “We aren’t slow or dull, just more accurate.,” they remind.

The rest of the world sometimes takes for granted Sensing people’s contributions toward keeping things comfortable, solvent, beautiful, and moving smoothly. This group is conscious of today, yet fervently aware of yesterday. They instinctively check with past experience before making decisions which explains some of their reluctance to ‘try it again.’

Their favorite statements are: we like to keep life simple; one thing at a time; don’t fix it if it isn’t broken, and we’ve always done it this way.

The world is greatly indebted to the many Sensing people who faithfully serve as bankers, doctors, nurses, mechanics, bookkeepers, administrators, secretaries, teachers, factory workers, salespersons, and dozens of other product-related service careers.

Looking ahead to next week, are you more of a dreamer, with several goals and always with many subjects on your mind all the time?  Feel free to ask questions or make comments as you read.

For your notebook: Record the letter "I" if you determined you lean more toward private and quite Introversion.  If you are a more talkative and social Extrovert, record the letter "E"