Stuck Still Seeking Acceptance

Stuck Still Seeking Acceptance


Dear Blog-Reader-Friends;

I had planned to tell you this week that due to illness in my family I would not be writing a blog, but this comment came in and changed my mind. Perhaps this will wrap up our discussion regarding understanding, navigating, getting unstuck, forgiveness and all the ideas that have embraced this study. Enjoy the following comment.

“Great blog! So very many people suffer from stuckness, including me. It creeps in and rears its ugly head when we least expect it.

Recently a situation caused me to dig deep into my soul regarding forgiveness of people who are supposed to be close to me. It revealed to me that yes, I had forgiven them but I got stuck still seeking acceptance from them. This caused me to have a distorted value of myself without my even realizing it! Wow, what a revelation!

This got me to really looking at the situation and seeing that I was letting those people put conditions on me to be accepted by them. This was mainly because our biblical perception of things differs. I realized long ago that Jesus doesn't require me to work or perform to receive his acceptance. Jesus loves me no matter what, so why would I, or should I, let others put requirements on me that even Jesus didn't put on me.

This epiphany helped me to see that those who put these requirements on me were actually stuck too. They are still trying to work for acceptance. I thank Jesus for accepting me as I am and moving me to a place of peace and comfort, no longer stuck in ‘unacceptance’”.

Good point about others not acknowledging or accepting forgiveness. However, we cannot control how others respond to our attitude of forgiveness but only our own. How fortunate that you figured out that your forgiveness was no guarantee that they would accept it. Some people seem to enjoy being angry and holding others at bay. A lot of people bring injury on themselves because others fail to mend fences.

Regarding self-esteem. We need to like who we are designed to be whether anyone gives us a thumbs up or not. We can only feel sorry for those who love to hang on to past grievances. Life has too many good options to get hung up on someone who in essence says “I dare you to get along without my acceptance of your forgiveness”.

When those forgiven people notice that you are no longer being controlled by their non-acceptance, perhaps they’ll take stock of themselves a little bit more.  All you have to do is get out of their way and enjoy life with those people who value you. Praying for people who are so narrow minded and asking the Lord to reveal Himself to them is what Jesus would have you do.

Thanks for your comment.