How To Get Along With Yourself

How To Get Along With Yourself

Have you noticed things about yourself after Thanksgiving mingling that you like or dislike?

An ENTP said:  Ever since I was a kid, I've always been different from other girls. I never played with baby dolls, never had interest in princesses, and especially never wore dresses. Even through my middle and high school years, I found other girls having emotional problems that I couldn't understand. But after being typed as an ENTP, I was relieved! I realize that it I am just unique in that I'm a bold and analytical female. Knowing my personality type has helped me greatly in understanding who I am as a person, why I have certain tendencies, and has even helped me see change in bettering myself as a person. I can understand why my personality clashes with others, and I can reason with myself why other people feel emotions that I don't. It has no doubt helped me develop into the person I am today. (2nd year college student)

An INTP said "Id like to be more patient with little things as I see Christmas decorations appearing that need to be put up.”

An ESTJ said, "I admire the person who is able to help people with their problems and the person who can compose letters with ease.

An ENFJ said "I would like to listen more before I speak.”   That would be the goal of all Extroverted.

An ESFJ sent this communication friction paragraph describing Extroverted & Introverted sharing a TV. “When first married I was told many times during football games, I could only talk during commercials. I tried talking during time-outs but was sshhed because he needed to hear referee & explanation of penalty. I was also told to shorten my "detailed" stories & he only needed the Reader's Digest condensed version. Thus after 28 years, I now just sit & read but I will never understand why he can argue with a coach or referee throughout the game and that talking is OK. Sometimes I put a finger in my ear so I can concentrate. I have considered sshhing him!!!!  The volume also seems to be getting louder on the TV.  Consequently, I like who I am because I really enjoy a running conversation when I’m with someone and find it disconcerting in adjusting to his favorite preference of silence.”

An Intuitive: I respect people who can work on several projects at one time and keep their work and desks organized. My office is a mess.

Another ENFJ said, I marvel at those who have patience and expertise in repairing big things like cars and bikes to little things like necklaces, staplers, blenders, copy machines, etc.  I wish I could repair things.

An ENFP listened to my questions. I waited for a few minutes, then said “thanks for your answer.”  He, like other male and female ENFPs seem to have no qualms about who they are or what they can do.  They will tackle anything and give the impressions to all who observe that they are masters at repairing or completing that task.

An ENTJ husband of 48 years said "I have been trying to teach my ISFP wife how to clean up as she works in the kitchen", to which she replied, “And I would prefer he replace interrogating and lecturing quietly using fewer and simpler words”.  That took courage for her to say this.

We can always learn how to access our opposite preferences, but the ease for using them will never reach the level of those who possess them automatically as their major preferences. What’s easy for you will be difficult for others. Be patient with yourself if you have difficulty doing what others do without a thought.

To round all this out, every preference is needed in this world and our job is to be patient with those who slow us down and those who hurry us along. Getting along with yourself may require a little research but down deep liking how you’ve been designed, even though you may be the only one in your group with your particular preferences,  is cause for celebration rather than criticism. Just like our Female ENTP has discovered. God intentionally designed people not to think or act alike but instead,  together in harmony. Our world is really blessed with every one of the sixteen temperament/type-personalities. Enjoy who you are!