Becoming Comfortable

Becoming Comfortable

Identifying a Social Energy-Zapper

Taking time to understand how God designed us is a unique gift to ourselves as illustrated by this Introverted Intuitive Feeler (Heart-Logic) blog commenter.

“After spending extended time with family when we joked around with good-natured humor and after I hugged my family goodbye for who knows how long again, I came home and after taking care of some immediate tasks I sat down and cried. I felt heavy hearted and sorrow filled.

“This was the first I've seen my family since our father passed so I wondered if emotionally charged family social encounters not only require much energy for an Introvert for an extended period of time but also wonder if the feeling dynamic comes in to play as a social energy zapper as well?

“In trying to rationalize why I felt so sad after such a fun time I reluctantly attributed it to saying goodbye to everyone, knowing I’d not see them for a long time.

“ I miss them more this time for some reason. In fact, I started missing them as soon as I closed the car door. Maybe I hold my family a little closer these days. Maybe holding back those emotions today was harder on me than I thought. I'm very tired and I feel like I need a day to myself to process all the aspects of today.

“In other words is it normal for  Introverted Intuitive Feelers to experience exhaustion through the Social Preference as well as Heart Logic (Feeling) preference so much that I needed extended time away from everybody and everything in order to reflect over all my emotional roller coaster and recover.”

A very good question.  Any extended social time for Introverted and for some Extroverted Feeling-Heart Logic people whether a happy time or a sad time will require withdrawal from the public for the emotions to settle, but the process is likely to require more time for an Introverted feeler.

The communication lesson is: Extroverts who only need 10 minutes to recover from a day of extroversion, need to grant Introverts and others who indicate people fatigue adequate privacy and withdrawal time which may even extend to several hours.

Other options for recovery are: For Sensing people, just time to walk, read or nap. The last three options work for Intuitives along with finding a hands-on repetitive project to let the emotions rest and re-boot after a social energy zapper.

So, you are right, my friend, to accept your Introversion as normal as well as head-in-the-clouds Intuition influenced by the Head-Logic (Feeling) that feeds your emotions through decision making. The over all encouragement is to listen to your body and emotions and take them seriously. Every feeler at times needs to activate the emotional re-boot button.  It may surprise you that Introverted Thinkers need to follow suit.  Be very kind to everyone including yourself.